RJ Profile

Pinki is an icon acclaimed for pioneering the art of ethnic radio jockeying in Toronto. She has worked with Indian music from all categories including romantic songs, hip hop, remixes, ghazals and retro, to keep an audience of all ages glued to the radio, even if that means setting up a radio at work! Pinki was the anchor for many presentations at the Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai. A voracious debater and an articulate announcer. Being a radio jockey is not a novel idea for her. Pinki has also rocked the airwaves in Mumbai on the All India Radio. In addition, she is widely travelled within India and around the world. She caught everyone’s eye as the anchor of ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh’s concert in Toronto in April 2004.

Pinki, the host, has it all spiced up with sweet talk bringing that precious smile on everyone’s face. The show is compiled for children and adults of all ages to enjoy together at one time, on one channel. At Pot Pourri, music knows no bounds, rhythm, beat, and language; if listeners like it, they get it.